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Our Sustainability

what keeps us going

Our Sustainability

Off-setting our operation’s environmental impact:

Our activities, products, and services can impact significantly on the environment and surrounding communities. This is why we are fully committed to:

Conforming to all legal and other requirements of our jurisdictions.

Our operations, including those of all our suppliers, contractors, customers, and local communities to minimise our environmental impact.

  • We use raw materials as efficiently as possible, conserving natural resources, and reducing or eliminating the generation and release of pollutants.
  • We adopt appropriate technology for our operations.
  • We implement recycling programmes.
  • We incorporate environmental responsibility and innovation factors into employment and performance decisions.
  • We provide the necessary training on environmental issues.
  • We maintain open and constructive relationships with regulatory agencies, public officials, and environmental groups.
  • We adapt our objectives and targets to achieve continual improvement.
  • We regularly evaluate our environmental management system.